Housing estate security solution include CCTV Surveillance & Intrusion alarm system, physical and logical access controls that allow resident to enter their premises / car park / mail box, and Lift control to prohibit any unauthorized access to the tenant's floor.



  • HD security cameras are capable of capturing high definition video
    surveillance footage, and system supports 4 mainstream analog
    camera types in the market including traditional CVBS (analog) camera,
    HDCVI, AHD and TVI, and IP camera.


  • Multi-biometric identification time & attendance and access control
    terminal, such as RFID, Palm, Finger Print and Face Recognition, to
    deploy on the security enhancement on the existing access door
    system. Also, Lift access control can be adopt to prohibit any
    unauthorized access to the tenant's floor.

Car Park

  • Long Range Access Control System & License plate recognition System
    are designed to prohibit the entry of unidentified vehicles into the
    premises and provides an effective solution for vehicle / parking

Guard Tour

  • Guard Tour System helps organize, log and execute guard tours and
    patrols for security officers. Its beneficial to the patrolling guards and
    improves their efficiency by keeps a detailed trail of guards' tours and


  • The system can be used with sensors that communicate real-time
    information, and display through Event Server or Indication Panel,
    which can help management staff track the real-time building status
    to ensure proper building operation.