With our tailor solution, we explore different unique features and system-specific applications, to provide a seamless collaboration and third-party integration to customizes your needs.

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  • Retail

    Retail security can improve customer satisfaction and ensure customer satisfaction and optimize business results. CHECOL now offers total solution for retail industry that includes Access Control, Digital Signage, People Counting, Surveillance and video management system.
  • Office

    Office security solutions, including security doors and physical and logical access controls, that control & monitor authorized access. Secure Restrictions Ensure security for your space from unauthorized access. Control users' ability to unlock doors based on location, day of the week, and time of day.
  • Home

    Home security monitoring solutions are designed for to detect intrusion & unauthorized entry into premises or residential buildings. A wide range of wireless and wired alarm systems and detectors combine with CCTV Surveillance system enables you to protect your home & property.
  • Housing

    Housing estate security solution include CCTV Surveillance & Intrusion alarm system, physical and logical access controls that allow resident to enter their premises / car park / mail box, and Lift control to prohibit any unauthorized access to the tenant's floor.
  • Education

    Distributed remote video monitoring at multiple sites, CHECOL's IP video products can provide a complete solution for campus video systems.