About Us

Checol Technology Limited was founded in the year of 1992; it has established a worldwide prestige for quality, innovation and technical excellence. The brand of "Checol" always represents and investment in performance and long-term satisfaction. We provide full range of Extra Low voltage (ELV) system products.

Our Engineering team organization providing our customers satisfaction and technical support also broad spectrum of high tech equipment of innovations in the ELV industry.

We commit to provide the excellent product & post services to all clients with satisfaction through continual improvement in our ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management system.

Our Mission

  • Continual improvements on create new products with best prices.
    We commit to continually improve the Quality Management System and create the Advantage of products with best prices.
  • Innovation in high tech services of advantage Technologies rather other competitors.
    We commit to provide excellent equipment and our creativity and professionalism other than the field competitors.
  • Expertise with premium technical team to satisfy our potential client.
    We provide adequate well-trained and experienced engineer to surpass customer's expectations.
  • Striving toward of Quality control with benefit to our subscribers.
    We commit to comply with respect ISO Quality management system requirement and Government regulation to our potential subscribers.
  • Quality customer service with esteemed prior and product quality with high prestige.
    We commit to provide premium Services to surpass customers and good quality products to our client.
  • Trading fundamental as essential as post sales services as Company image.
    Checol aims customer satisfaction with success career with high tech of post sale services innovation in future.