GSM Alarm Control System

The GSM Alarm Control System is suitable for GSM digital mobile communication
networks, featuring wireless telephone calling and receiving, caller ID display, keyboard
configuration, off-power bypass and dialing control etc. The product is easy and fast to
install without the need for laying wires, and may be opened promptly within the
coverage scope of GSM digital mobile phone network. The product may be applies at
some locations when the wire laying is inconvenient, such as tourist sites and islands
and onboard vehicles, trains and ships, and some places where public telephones are
temporarily needed, such as stadium and large-scale exhibition. It is also a good
choice for traditional telephone and PABX system for small to medium-scale
enterprises and individuals.

  • SIMCOM industry module supporting EGSM 9000MHxz / DSC 1800MHZ /
    PCS 1900MHz Tri-band
  • Supporting dual-mode voice access (Mobile network GSM and Telecom PSTN)
  • Provides reversal polarity signal for metering
  • Supporting PBX access
  • Off-power bypass functions
    (when power is off, system switches to PSTN network automatically)
  • Dialing Control (Able to set up dialing regulating to route GSM or PSTN)
  • Programmable IP or Gateway number
  • Setup by Keyboard prompt line for convenient operation
  • Caller ID display
  • No noise and clear voice
  • Strong signals with high gain antenna
  • Backup Lithium lon Battery for up to 5 hours talk time
  • Locking SIM and Terminal
  • Dimension(mm) : 198W x 140H x 56D