Pulse Star

PulseStar is designed for the harshest environments. It's ideal for security guard tours,
inspections, preventive maintenance checks, or any time you need to track people,
items, locations, and activities. With the compact, ergonomic design and quiet
operation, PulseStar indicates successful reading with a pulse --- perfect for use on a
factory floor, or in the quiet halls of a hospital.

(A complete PulseStar system includes a PulseStar reader, download station, serial port
cable, Checol communications software, and Read buttons.)

  • Physical : Sealed plated aluminum case that resists scratches, drops, and water
  • Memory : 48K RAM
  • Activity Log Capacity : Up to 5400 Touch Memory button ID reads
  • Communications : IrDa (pulse)
  • Dimension(mm) : Ø23.8 x 130.2H

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